BlackHeart crossbow strings are crafted using the right blend of modern materials, machinery and time-honored techniques. The result, a bow string featuring our innovative GlideLock™ center-serving and exclusive DuraWeave™ construction that makes for the absolute finest bow string available today. Each string is meticulously handcrafted to fit your bow.

We make it easy to choose the perfect BlackHeart strings and cables — just look up your crossbow below.

Model Part No.
Brotherhood 10276
Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI, Predator CRT 10138
Ghost 350 CRT, Zombie 350 CRT 10136
Ghost 360 10277
Ghost 385 CRT 10145
Ghost 400 CRT 10140
Ghost 410 10144
Penetrator (2010 & earlier) 10137
Quad 400, Revolution (S), Revolution AVI 10139
Quad Edge, Quad Edge S 13090
Raptor Reverse 13089
RAZR 10143
RAZR Ice 81002
Revolution XS (S) 10141
Vengeance 10142