Ten Point

BlackHeart crossbow cables are crafted using the same blend of modern materials, machinery and time-honored techniques as our strings. Featuring our exclusive DuraWeave™ construction, our cables are meticulously handcrafted to fit your bow.

We make it easy to choose the perfect BlackHeart strings and cables — just look up your crossbow below.

Model Part No.
458 MAG TL-4, Blazer HP, Carbon Fusion, Elite Lite, Elite QX4, Elite X2, Hybrid Lite, Lazer HP, Magnum Extreme, Magnum X2, Maverick HP, Pro Elite, Pro Fusion, Pro Slider, Stealth X2, Titan HLX, Turbo Extreme, Turbo X2 10202
Carbon Elite XLT, Stealth SS, Turbo XLT II 10204
Carbon Fusion CLS, Carbon Xtra CLS, Defender CLS, Phantom CLS-S, Phantom Xtra, Shadow CLS 10201
Carbon Nitro RDX 13105
Shadow Ultra-Lite Series, Tactical XLT, Turbo GT 10206
Stealth FX4, Venom Extra 13156
Stealth XLT, Turbo XLT 10203
Titan Extreme 10197
Titan SS 13252
Vapor 10205
Venom 10280