Wax & Lubricant

Premium Crossbow String Wax

An agile string is a fast string. BlackHeart’s premium crossbow string wax not only protects your strings and cables from natural weathering effects, it also deeply penetrates the string fibers, conditioning them for optimal performance. Believe us — we put it to the test.

  • Created Exclusively for Crossbow Strings
  • UV Impervious
  • Applies Clear
  • Waterproof
  • Deep Core Penetration
  • Scent-Free Formula
  • Part No. - 10102
  • Size - 1 oz. tube

Premium Rail Lube

A lubricated rail is a fast rail. BlackHeart’s premium rail lube creates a slippery surface for your string to glide across. It vastly improves shot consistency and extends the life of your crossbow string — it’s legit.

  • Reduces Center-Serving Wear
  • Ideal Viscosity for Application
  • Increased Velocity
  • Scent-Free Formula
  • Part No. - 10103
  • Size - .5 oz. bottle

Craft Crossbow String Care Kit

Looking for an all-in-one solution for improved performance? We’ve put together a combo pack that will make your shots faster and your crossbow strings last longer. It’s a no-brainer.

Our Craft Crossbow String Care Kit includes:

  • Premium Crossbow String Wax (1 oz. tube)
  • Premium Rail Lube (.5 oz. bottle)

  • Part No. - 10101
  • Size - 1 oz. tube (String Wax) & .5 oz. bottle (Rail Lube)